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Clover Hill Park Cemetery understands the needs of the bereaved and makes every attempt to provide services that are all encompassing. To that end each interment includes:

A tent for comfort and protection from the weather.
Seating for the family during the interment service.
Floral (summer) perpetual care at time of interment, to assure the beauty and proper maintenance of the grave.
The Davidson/Hermelin Chapel provides a serene funeral setting for 175 people eliminating the need for a funeral procession.

In addition, Clover Hill Park Cemetery provides the following individual services subsequent to interment:

Winter blankets that beautify the graves during the winter months can be purchased annually or on a perpetual basis can be established.
Monument cleaning-please contact the office for pricing.
Professional installation of monument and marker foundations.

Unveiling services include monument covering and posting on the entry bulletin board. Please call the office to schedule your unveiling service.

Clover Hill Park Cemetery’s professional staff is available to answer your questions and provide you with any information that you may require.


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